Monday, December 15, 2008

Blue Line Gallery

Article in the Sac Bee...

Make a beeline to Roseville's Blue Line
By Victoria Dalkey

"When I saw this beautiful space, I had to put something in it," said Tony Natsoulas at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville.
"Eccentric Imagery," a show of works by nearly 30 artists from across the United States, is the result of his desire, and it fills the large gallery beautifully. In size, scope and quality, it rivals museum shows at the Crocker and illustrates the strength of bringing a true artist's eye to the task of curating a show.
Natsoulas, a nationally prominent Sacramento ceramic artist, has works by many of the artists included in the show in his personal collection, and the show reflects the eccentric humor his own work is known for. But humor is a large category and comes in a variety of forms, from whimsical and silly to satiric and dark-edged. The variety of responses makes for a lively viewing experience that never becomes static.

- Jim


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