Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What do you call that dance move?

Have you ever seen more uncoordinated dancers in your life? I've got a crisp 5 spot that says no. Whether you were embarrassing yourself on the dance floor or were laughing at the people embarrassing themselves, a good time was had by all at this years WP Christmas Party.

Did I mention that there was karaoke, I know...I cringed when I heard it too. For my money it doesn't get any better than our own Jim Williams singing the classic country western tune "Okie from Muskogee" by the legendary Mr. Merle Haggard. Jim's "mello smooth", slightly off key rendition moved some to tears and others were left puzzled. You see, unless you were born before 1962 (or your parents loved to dust of their old 45's every Sunday afternoon) you have no idea who Merle Haggard even is.

Last but certainly not least was the much anticipated (and feared by some) annual WP Christmas skit. This is where the elders of WP insist that the newbies do incredibly embarrassing skits as some sort of quasi right of passage in order to be considered "one of the gang." Suffice it to say that the old timers seriously underestimated just how resourceful the wily rookies were. That's right, we got you good...we got you real good.

-Brian Lefholz


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