Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Holiday Greetings

Once again, we have out-done ourselves!
Us W+P'ers take much pride in our annual holiday cards. Not only do we have WAY too much fun making them, but we are known throughout the area for supplying a little extra holiday cheer (and humor) in each envelope.
This year, our marketing committee combined the festivity of the season, with the spirit of our 30th anniversary. What better way to get some good shots than throwing a mock-cocktail party all week at the office? We sure clean up pretty nice, huh?

A special thanks to…
-Our Jill of all trades, Lauren: for shooting, editing, and composing the card (that's right, we do this all in house!)
-San Juan High School’s Advanced Shop students: for crafting the “30” cutouts!
See what these amazing kids are doing @
-Tammy and Brian at Master Color Printing: for the high quality finishing! Check them out on @ or at their blog @

Now, for a closer look at all our beautiful peeps...


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