Monday, November 2, 2009

Practical Joke on Eric

Practical jokes are somewhat of a hobby of mine. And my favorite target is Eric. Really, it's like shooting fish in a much material its hard to choose. Well, it just so happens that Eric misplaced his sketchbook/journal/diary...and I was lucky enough to find it. A ray of light came through the skylight, birds were singing, all was right with the world as the wheels were in motion of how to exploit this opportunity. Sure, I could have been nice and just put it back on his desk but what fun would that be? So, I taped it to the outside of the window by his surprise it took him a while to even spot it. But he did and eventually retrieved it. Now, I must say that I have a similar looking sketchbook and in my rush to pull off this prank before his return, I accidentally taped MY sketchbook outside while his lay on my desk. Oh well, it was the thought that counts.
-Brian L.


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