Monday, July 6, 2009

It seems like everyone is jumping on W+P's bandwagon and starting blogs. I highly doubt we were the first, but we were one of the first that I know of. HOK, a rather large firm...large enough to have a full time editor of a blog has started posting articles recently. I'd really like to hate this blog as it is the big corporate type but it has a lot of great articles. I guess if we had 2000+ employees in 24 cities on 4 continents we'd have a ton of great articles to post too. But, of the 2000+ employees only 36 get to actually post anything. Can you say censorship? I kinda like our anyone can post anything attitude. There is no editor, as evidenced by the horrible grammar and spelling that sometimes accompany my posts. But our blog is grass roots to the core. Watch for more 'big name' firms to start blogs in the near future...or twitter about what's going on...or become friends on facebook... or whatever.

if you care to check out HOK's blog...CLICK HERE



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