Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Did You Know...

Regina has tried almost every hairstyle and color in the known world. Including a square perm and a 13" hair "tail" tucked behind her left ear when she was a kid... oddly enough these were socially acceptable in the 80's do to the popularity of funky hairstyles from bands such as The Cure.

Bill almost lost his ring finger as a teenager jumping over a chain link fence. The short of it is he jammed his hand on top of the fence and when he jumped over his hand stayed put. Ouch! I'll spare you the gory details but he could see daylight through his hand. The funniest part of the story is that they ran to the nearest house for help and proceeded to bang on the door but no one was home. They were in such a panic they failed to notice that the white door was now red!... Imagine the looks on that families face when they pulled up to their house with a front door covered in bloody hand prints. Bill survived with his ring finger in tact...

To quote James "I haven't met a dead animal yet I don't like medium rare"

Dan was stabbed in the hand by his friend at boyscout camp, and has the scar to prove it. The rest of the story is this... he was whittling (the art of shaping a piece of wood into something using a knife) when he got upset that his friends whittling shavings were encroaching on his space. They proceeded to whittle wood chips at each other until his friend got a little to excited and accidentally stabbed Dan in the hand. Yes he cried... one, because it hurt and two, because that was the end of a promising career as a professional whittler.


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