Monday, February 23, 2009

WP University 101b

Last Thursday Professor Jack (Paddon) conducted WP University 101A - a history lesson which covered the evolution of Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners. Jack presented interesting discussion and provided a backdrop of several historical photos and news stories that he incorporated into his presentation. It was a pretty insightful lesson about the firm’s history (summarized within an hour), but most would agree that Jack could have used much more time. After all, he was going back almost 28 years.

As a great follow-up to Jack’s class, WP University 101B was given by Professor Terry (Green), which included a tour of several of W+Ps early projects that have paved the way in establishing Williams + Paddon Architects as one of the leading firms in the region. Terry provided historical information about the ideas and concepts for many of the designs, as we visited many of the significant project locations. Tom, Jeff, Will and I really enjoyed Terry’s relaxed style and appreciated the funny stories he shared.

Here are a few (of the many) photos that I shot while on the tour.

Hollywood Video was one Terry’s very first projects with W+P.

Whitney Oaks Golf Clubhouse was Terry’s first clubhouse.

Sierragate Plaza was one of the first office projects for W+P. It has Jack Paddon written all over it.

SMUD was one the most significant projects for W+P, Its energy efficient design has achieved the highest rating of LEED® Platinum Certification EB.
- Rose


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